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Association of Surgical Technologists

January 9, 2016

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February 11, 2017

March 11, 2017 Elections

Board of Director, Officer and Delegate elections will be held at the March 11, 2017 Workshop. If you are interested in running for any of the open positions please notify the registration desk upon arriving at the workshop. Please print out the Consent to Serve and CV form from the AST website, and bring it with you. All positions are open. To be eligible to run you must be a current CST with current AST membership.
The following CST's are running for open positions:

President - Jinnie Gardiner, CSFA
Vice President - Jacqueline Pyle, CST
Treasurer - Michelle Rey, CST, BS, MBA
Secretary - Nial Davis, CST, BS
Board of Director: Rose Nunez-Crane, CST, Bree Baca, CST, Herschell Evans, CST

Delegate Runners:
Jinnie Gardiner, CSFA
Michelle Rey, CST, BS, MBA
Herschell Evans, CST
Nial Davis, CST, BS
Jacqueline Pyle, CST
Rose Nunez-Crane, CST